Thrashed for insulting Chiranjeevi

Movie lovers are well aware of stunt choreographer twins Ram and Lakshman. They choreographed breathtaking high octane stunts to senior stars and also young heroes.

Speaking to scribes they shared their ordeal before becoming the stunt choreographers. They said both used to take care of buffaloes and goats as they were not well educated. They however had an immense urge to achieve something big.

They said their village had a rock which they considered as their mentor. They revealed that none could lift the rock and when they together lifted it, they became heroes in their village.

They said they got into touch with the fight master Raju through their father’s son and after trying for six months, Raju gave them the offer. They revealed how Raju Master not only helped them in getting offers but also how to behave and mingle with people, live in life and how to eat and speak with others. They said they do not even know how to eat in the presence of public.

They said during Trinetrudu shooting they watched Chiranjeevi and they spoke with him how they used to speak with others. They recollected how Raju master came and thrashed them hard for the manner in which they spoke with Chiranjeevi.

Raju angrily questioned ‘ How dare you to address Mega Star as Chiranjeevi? You should address him as Chiranjeevi Gaaru or Annayya garu.’ They said from then on they have been calling Chiranjeevi as Chiranjeevi Gaaru and Annayya Gaaru.

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