Team RRR getting depressed and disappointed

RRR is one heck of a film that the entire world is waiting for. The superstar director Rajamouli is helming this film and has NTR and Ram Charan playing lead roles and this itself has made the fans go crazy.

This makes things even special as it is the costliest film in India as of now. Slated to release in July, this film was postponed twice and now the release date has gone for a toss, and now that the shoot has been postponed everything is confusing for the fans and the heroes themselves.

But the talk is the even NTR and Rajamouli are very upset as things have come to a standstill and they have nothing to do and this has left much distress. Also, the talk of not getting salaries from the producers for most of the team has also hurt them big time. What will Rajamouli do now is the talk?

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