Stars out to flout COVID precautions

Tollywood filmmakers and stars are getting ready to resume shootings as the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments have given permissions for it. Movie lovers are also happy that finally, they will get updates on the latest films.

In the midst of all this, MAA President Naresh made shocking revelations. He said in his interactions with stars, character actors, and others, many are against using protective gear like masks, social distancing, etc to save themselves from coronavirus. He said actors are of the opinion that there would be scenes where it will not be possible for them to maintain social distancing or avoid physical contact.

He also said that Mumbai actors are not keen on coming to Hyderabad and staying in hotels. He added that the Telugu Film Chamber will have to take a final call on resuming shootings. This came as a surprise as WHO issued advisory making using of masks compulsory to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community.

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