RGV’s sensational revelations about Mia Malkova

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his sensations earlier on the silver screen and now on social media. While in the lockdown, everyone started doing daily chores and enjoying with their pets, working out in the gym, Ram Gopal Varma gave a huge shock by completing not one but two films.

He already completed Climax which is set for a grand release on June 6th on his own channel, his film titled CoronaVirus also attracted the attention of all. he boasted that lockdown did not affect him and he completed his projects as usual and by following lockdown norms.

In the meantime, RGV speaking about climax made sensational revelations. He said ‘ I hail from Vijayawada but during my college days, I was so shy that I was scared to look at girls. Since I came from that situation, I decided to make a film Climax with the sole aim of seeing Mia Malkova nvde. “. RGV’s comments on Mia Malkova left all stunned.

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