RGV’s controversy net on YS,CBN,Chiru,Jagan,Cherry

Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his controversial takes on various issues, touched about Bollywood Star Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide and the subsequent happenings over nepotism allegation by various stars.

RGV speaking to scribes dragged YSR, Chandra Babu Naidu, Chiranjeevi, Jagan, and Ram Charan into the controversy. He said he is against the view that celebrities are crushing newcomers in the name of nepotism. He said encouraging their own sons and family members has been happening for quite some time. He said Chandra Babu gave the responsibilities to his son Lokesh and YSR did the same to his son Jagan. He said depending on their fan following, they will make those decisions and it is not right to brand it as nepotism.

He questioned what’s wrong in Chiranjeevi encouraging his son Ram Charan. He added will Chiranjeevi instead of promoting his son, will promote other’s son. He said only idle minds are indulging in senseless allegations like nepotism. He added that it is another question whether stars’ sons will succeed or fail. He said Vijay Devarakonda without any background attained stardom proving himself with his talent. He said viewers decide whether an actor becomes a star or not and this was the reason why many celebrities failed to turn their sons into stars.

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