RGV’s Climax trailer increases temperatures

Mia Malkova RGV Climax

Ram Gopal Varma is making use of the COVID virus and the lockdown to the maximum by commenting on it in various ways to attract media attention. RGV who felt that people will be turning impatience if he continues the same in a monotonous manner decided to entertain them in his own way.

He teamed with hot star Mia Malkova with whom he made GST (GOD S3X and TRUTH ) come with another film titled Climax. Already the film’s first look and teaser generated tremendous interest among movie lovers.

Mia Malkova’s hot looks and stunning poses gave sleepless nights to everyone. Now RGV released the trailer of Climax. More than the action scenes, RGV banked on Mia Malkova’s hot looks and highlighted it even more. Now all eyes are on whether RGV will release the film in theatres or turn it as a web series.