RGV reveals Tollywood’s Obscene Word

Ram Gopal Varma is renowned for his bold and frank talk. While the entire world went into lockdown mode, Ram Gopal Varma after coming with satires on US President Trump, PM Modi, CMs KCR, and Jagan, then decided to show his creativity.

While others got confined to cleaning utensils, working out in gyms, etc, RGV surprised all by completing not one but two films. His film Climax starring Mia Malkova of Guns S3X and Thighs fame is releasing today while his other film titled Corona Virus is waiting for release.

It is known that a huge controversy has been generated when Chiranjeevi and few industry celebrities met at his house and later went to CM KCR to seek permission for film shoots. Balakrishna fired on all cylinders and accused Chiranjeevi and others of indulging in real estate land deals.

RGV reacting to it, exposed hypocrisy in Tollywood and ego problems among stars, directors, and producers. He said Unity in Tollywood is an obscene word. He said all-stars, producers and directors coming together and joining hands forging a United Front is a big ‘Obscene’ word.

He said in the film industry each person treads a different line and so one can not expect all to unite. Everyone has different projects, different films and they have ego clashes and hate each other. He exposed Tollywood stars saying all the meetings to resolve problems in a united manner ends in a inconclusive manner, all confined to sipping coffee and tea.

He went on to question ‘ Precautions in shootings? will police be deployed on the locations? or guards be used? all is just name sake. Who will monitor whether restrictions and safety norms are followed or not. Everyone will do their work and go. If people come to theatres if tickets are hiked and seats are reduced? “

He made clear that he will come with a film on Godse, killer of Gandhi. He however added that he will not insult Gandhi.

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