RGV Missing to shock all

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is going great guns during the lockdown after corona hit the entire world. He used his creativity and started making films and releasing the same on his own RGV World Theatre and minting money despite huge criticism. His films Climax, Nagnam,Nanga,Naked, Power Star shocked all.

He lined up numerous projects like Murder, Thriller, CoronaVirus and others for the release. He is also having plans to target Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna with films like Hridya Kiran, Bava Rajyam, Aa Roju Ratri Emayyindi etc.

RGV angered many celebrities fans with his films who came with their own satirical films on him like Paraannageevi, Evadra Nannu Kottindi etc. In the midst of all this, RGV came with a shocking announcement. He announced his next titled crazily as ‘ RGV Missing’.

He said the cast in the film include Prawan Kalyan, Omega Star,CBEN, Lakesh, WHY S Jagan, KCAR, KTAR  and also police and gangsters. After this announcement rumours have it that Tollywood celebrities are planning to control RGV. They are planning to take action against RGV if he doesn’t mend his ways. However RGV is releasing his films on his own platform and it is not related to Tollywood. So one cannot expect them to take any action against RGV.

When asked about ban on him by the Tollywood biggies, RGV shocked saying ‘ I have no relation with Tollywood. I am running my RGV Industry. My technicians, my actors and my wish” So no one can stop RGV unless he himself decides to stop making such films.


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