Rajamouli’s stunner about Prabhas’ marriage

Marriage of Young Rebel Star Prabhas has been the hot topic of discussion for quite sometime. While it started in Tollywood after the success of Mirchi, it is discussed intensely after Prabhas created a nation wide sensation with his performance in Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali.

Many rumours spread about Rajamouli’s marriage and since he romanced Anushka in most of the films, he is linked with Anushka. But nothing turned out to be true as Prabhas got busy with his upcoming projects.

During the lock down, hot hunk Rana surprised all by announcing his engagement with Miheeka Bajaj and discussion once again started about Prabhas’ marriage. Rajamouli once predicted that Rana would get married ahead of Prabhas as he divides his life into blocks and he would like to tick off all the important incidents in his life.

Then he came with a shocker about Prabhas’ marriage. He said Prabhas is very lazy and he will not get married in near future. Prabhas himself confessed that he is the most laziest person ever and this is his weakness.