Rajamouli experienced Eega nightmares

Rajamouli stunned all with Nani,Samantha,Sudeep’s starrer Eega on the silver screen. The film which happens to be first of its kind in the country featuring a fly as a hero broke records at the box office.

But inside talk is Rajamouli experienced Eega nightmares. When Makuta showed him the graphic version of Eega ,he got a huge shock as it didnot resemble the fly in any manner.

Rajamouli then captured real flies’ images on the camera and since it became difficult for him to capture the live images,he put them in a fridge and when they fell unconscious,he captured their moments.

Rajamouli also found difficult to get the emotions and expressions and so he made Nani cover his head with a cloth and give expressions and captured the same and he gave both flies videos and Nani’s videos and got the required output from the graphics team to give the realistic feel to the viewers.

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