Prabhas says ‘Kiss Me’-females go crazy

In a sensational development, Young Rebel Star Prabhas who enjoys a huge fan following among all sections of movie lovers across the country cutting across all age groups started singing ‘kiss me’ and females went crazy the moment they heard those words.

The video is now going viral on social media much to the delight of the movie lovers. People still rave about Rajamouli’s Baahubali in which Prabhas showed his full power. The film has a scene that features Prabhas taking oath as the supreme commander of Mahismati Kingdom.

Fans replaced Prabhas’ dialogue ‘Amarendra Baahubali Ane Nenu’ with the Cadbury commercial ‘Kiss Me’. Fans creativity is delighting everyone especially females. Prabhas is currently busy with his upcoming projects under the direction of Radhakrishna Kumar and Nag Ashwin.

Prabhas is planning only pan India entertainers following the huge stardom he got with Baahubali and later with Saaho. Many Bollywood makers are waiting eagerly to direct Prabhas in a straight Hindi film.

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