Prabhas insulted to the core?

Prabhas after entering Tollywood with his hardwork and dedication became the ‘Darling’ of all movie lovers and endeared himself to everyone as the Young Rebel Star. Now with Baahubali he became the pan India super star. However not many know that Prabhas wasn’t interested in entering movies.

prabhas insulted
prabhas insulted

Producer K.Ashok Kumar planned a project titled Eshwar under the direction of Jayant C Paranjee. They couldn’t find the suitable hero and Jayant happened to witness Prabhas at a coffee shop.

Right after seeing Prabhas,he decided that Prabhas would be the hero in his film and even planned introduction scenes, stunts etc on him. They managed to convince Prabhas to enter films.

But due to Prabhas’ height, many had to raise their heads to look at them. Apart from it,he was reserved and had very few friends. So many made fun of his height and insulted him. But now his height became his plus point and he is now starring in Radhe Shyam, Adi Purush and a project with Nag Ashwin.

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