Pawan’s sudden praise for Jagan raises eyebrows

Pawan Kalyan has been maintaining a low profile for a long time now ever since the lockdown has happened. He did not do much apart from donating bog money and became a talking point. Many started saying what has Pawan done apart from giving money and his brother Chiranjeevi was only better as he gave some much to the poor and is still doing his best.

But Pawan has come out now and is making a series of tweets. One such tweet that has caught the imagination of many was the praise that Pawan showered on YS Jagan for the way he launched his medical care with the help of ambulances which were unveiled recently.

This tweet of appreciation from Pawan to YS Jagan has become a talking point and many asking why this sudden favor for Jagan from the likes of Pawan Kalyan and that too during this time.

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