Pawan’s heroine insults NTR

It is common for fans to ask about their favorite stars when they interact with heroines. Heroines too ensure that they do not hurt fans but make them happy by saying few good words.

However, much to the shock of all, Meera Chopra who romanced Pawan Kalyan in Bangaram created a huge controversy by insulting NTR. When fans asked her to say a few words about NTR, she said she doesn’t know NTR and haven’t watched his films.

To the top of it, she said she is a diehard fan of Mahesh Babu. She even showered praises of Pawan Kalyan. This hurt NTR fans who started trolling and abusing her. She warned NTR fans by saying she would complain against them to the cyber cell.

Here are the posts

About NTR : “”I dnt kno him.. iam not his fan.””

When a netizen asked her to watch Shakti and Dammu, she said “Sorry, I’m not interested’.

When asked about Mahesh Babu she said ” I am a big fan of Mahesh Babu’

About Pawan Kalyan, she said “Superstar and superhuman being.”

NTR fans started using abusive language and started trolling her. Then Meera Chopra said “@hydcitypolice @CyberCrimeshyd i would like to report all these accounts. They are talking abt gang banging, are abusive and death threatening. Unfortunately, they are all @tarak9999 fan clubs.@Twitter I would request you to look into it and suspend these accounts,”