Pawan ditches Ram Charan

Power Pawan Kalyan shares good relations with his brother Mega Star Chiranjeevi and also with his nephews Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and others.

Now it is coming out that Pawan Kalyan ditched his nephew Ram Charan. Chiranjeevi himself revealed that Pawan borrowed money from Ram Charan and he did not return it till now.

Pawan said when he was left with no money after the first film, he borrowed money from Ram Charan promising him to return with interest after his second film.

He said he was surprised and always wondered how Ram Charan used to have money at that time. He said however he did not return money to Ram Charan as he felt that Cherry turned the hero and he doesn’t need any money.

Pawan said he did not dare to ask his sister in law money for the fear of her thinking that how could he not have money even after he became a hero.

Pawan is currently starring in Vakeel Saab, Viroopaksha, and in the direction of Harish Shankar.