Only an idiot doesn’t know Mahesh Babu

When Meera Chopra who romanced Power Star Pawan Kalyan in Bangaram on debut went on to star in many more films. She landed in trouble recently when she said she doesn’t know NTR. NTR fans trolled her mercilessly using obscene and abusive language. Even another actress Payal Ghosh entered the controversy. This led Meera Chopra to approach Minister KTR for protection.

In the meantime couple of media, houses reported that Payal Ghosh as saying that she doesn’t know Mahesh Babu. A fan of Mahesh Babu brought it to her notice saying “@iampayalghosh see what fake news they are carrying about you, saying that you were trolled for saying you don’t know who’s Mahesh Babu!!! read the full write up it’s, written at the bottom. #PayalGhosh,”

Payal Gosh rubbished all the rumors and came with a powerful statement. She said “My earnest request to media to not spread fake news, I have never said I don’t know who #MaheshBabu is, I would be an idiot if I didn’t know him, also he’s one of my favorite Tollywood Hero.. spread positivity and love 🙏🏼,”

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