Nitya Menon shocks with her lesbian act

Nitya Menon is known for her girl next door roles and beautiful expressions. Her traditional looks and cute acts endeared herself to all sections of movie lovers. She attracted all with her performances in films like NTR-Katha Nayakudu, Praana, Mission Mangal, Psycho, and Kolaambi in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam.

In the midst of all this Nitya Menon shocked all with her lesbian act. She starred in a web series titled ‘Breathe-Into The Shadows’ released on OTT platform. Everyone who thronged to watch Nitya’s performance got a huge shock when she shed her girl next door, a traditional image to indulge in a lesbian act.

She even went on to say that this was her best act. The web series starred Abhishek Bachchan as the male lead. Nitya speaking to scribes revealed that during the lockdown she recorded two singles and also is working on a script. 

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