Nirbhaya web series becomes top trending

All the right-thinking people cannot forget the brutal gang rape and murder of Nirbhaya in 2012 in Delhi. It resulted in nationwide anger and forced the then Union Government to make numerous changes like introducing the Nirbhaya act, fast track courts, etc.

However, the way Nirbhaya criminals tried to take advantage of the loopholes in law trying to escape the death penalty made everyone angry. Demand for instant justice and encounter like the one happened in case of Disha in Hyderabad increased.

Finally Nirbhaya convicts have been hanged to death on March 20. Now a web series on Nirbhaya is creating a sensation on Netflix. The web series titled Delhi Crime dealt with the conditions before the crime happened in Delhi, her last words, how police investigated and arrested all of them, the way case hearing progressed, and how it resulted in nationwide anger and why the delay happened in executing the criminals.

Delhi Crime is getting good reviews except for being slow in pace.