Nikhil exposes top stars

Nikhil after impressing all with Happy Days attracted carried the journey and after few flops in between revived his career by scoring hits like Swamy Ra Ra, Karthikeya, etc. He recently scored a hit with Arjun Suravaram and is now starring in films like 18 Pages and Karthikeya 2.

Nikhil during the lockdown dared to be different and even entered into wedlock with his girlfriend, Dr.Pallavi Sharma. Now speaking to scribes Nikhil exposed the top Tollywood stars.

This is what he said about Tollywood stars.


He is my inspiration. In my class after watching Gang Leader, I used to tell his dialogues. It was a memorable event when Chiranjeevi spoke about me at the Arjun Suravaram pre release event.


Maa Prabhas Bhai Bangaram


He is extremely talented actor

Allu Arjun

Wonderful actor


Clever and talented actor. I am proud of him

Pawan Kalyan

He is a fighter. I am his diehard fan.

Ram Charan

He is a great person. He always cares for everyone.

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