Nikhil entering into wedlock tomorrow

Nikhil is popular with Genex movie lovers and youngsters for his romantic entertainers. Nikhil planned to marry his girlfriend, Dr. Pallavi Varma in a grand manner at a Destination Wedding. But all their plans got dashed due to coronavirus.

Nikhil decided to postpone his wedding due to lockdown following coronavirus. However, in a surprise move, it is coming out that Nikhil would enter into wedlock tomorrow with his girlfriend Dr.Pallavi.

The wedding will be a private affair with just 15 members from the family of Nikhil and Dr.Pallavi. The wedding will take place at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Sources say Nikhil and Dr.Pallavi have taken this sudden decision after their parents revealed that as per Hindu traditions, there will not be any muhurats for marriage for the next few months this year.

Nikhil entertained with Arjun Suravaram and is set to entertain with Karthikeya sequel with Chandu Mondeti and 18 Pages with Palnati Surya Pratap.