Nag’s secret kisses and romantic crushes

King Nagarjuna surprises all with his handsome and charming looks even at this age. He gives tough competition to young heroes with his looks and many feel that he looks like the brother of his sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil.

Nagarjuna is popular in the industry as Manmadhudu and females fall flat for his looks. Now speaking to scribes, Nagarjuna shared the secrets behind his kisses and crushes.

Nag said ‘ I cannot forget the school and college love. During my school days I used to like a teacher very much. I cannot tell how I used to adore her. However I couldn’t express my feelings to her. This remained my biggest heartbreak. I cannot forget her in my life”

Nagarjuna remembered his college days saying “During my college days I kissed a girl. It is not right to reveal her name now. But my crush with her was only for a few days.”

Nag is now happily married to Amala and is now enjoying life with his sons Akhil, Naga Chaitanya, and daughter in law Samantha.