Mokshagna vs NTR: Will he surprise with his six pack?

Mokshagana’s look with overweight poured cold water on the dreams of Balayya’s fans. They have been dreaming about Mokshagna’s powerful entry on screen but seeing his physique which looked out of shape, their spirits went down.

This once again sent signals that Mokshagna is not interested in acting in films but keen to look after family businesses. Recently however rumours spread that Mokshagna would make his entry under the direction of Rajamouli’s protege and Rajamouli himself would look after the high octane action scenes.

However anti fans are trolling Mokshagna and his physique. But fans are confident that if in case Mokshagna enters Tollywood he would show his power. They point out that Young Tiger NTR in his initial days was over weight but carried on with powerful performances and later shed weight and stunned and shut the mouths of all with his six-pack show. The question is will Mokshagna surprise all with his six-pack show.

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