Mokshagna readies for silver screen sensation

For quite some time, speculation increased on Natasimha Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna’s debut on silver screen. Various rumours spread over the past few years and some said Mokshagna would star in star directors direction.

Balakrishna in the meantime sent him for a course in acting in USA and some of his photos captured didnot instill any confidence in Balakrishna’s fans. They got disappointed when rumours spread that Mokshagna was not interested in films and he told his parents that he would take care of his family business.

In the meantime reports are coming that Mokshagna is finally readying for the silver screen debut. Sources say Balakrishna is planning to launch Mokshagna in a spectacular manner and both he and Singeetam Srinivasa Rao are working on the script for Aditya 999, sequel for Balakrishna’s super hit sci fi entertainer Aditya 369. Sai Korrapati is expected to produce this film on Varahi Chalana Chitra.

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