Manchu Lakshmi complains about this with her film offers

Manchu Lakshmi tried hard to do things but she is not able to make it big as she is not getting good films. This has disappointed her a lot says, Lakshmi. She has given a lot of interviews to the press today and spoke openly about many issues.

One of them was about doing much less work. Lakshmi says I indeed am open for all kinds of roles but 90% of the offers I’m getting are of negative roles which I am not interested as of now as they will typecast you which I do not like at all.

Manchu Lakshmi also says that her intention is to do more work on OTT now as her image will not allow to do big roles in films. Lakshmi is a top host and says that she loves doing TV but it hs become repetitive as of now. 

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