Mahesh,Prabhas’ beauties on Tik Tok ban

Government of India headed by PM Modi a couple of days back took a sensational decision to ban 59 Chinese apps and this included even the most popular TikTok app. Modi has taken this stern step after the Chinese army despite agreeing to disengagement at the border during the talks with the Indian military officials continued to amass forces.

In the meantime, Mahesh Babu’s and Prabhas’ heroines came in support of TikTok and other apps ban. Kangana Ranaut who romanced Prabhas in Ek Niranjan said ‘China unleashed a bio war on the world in form of coronavirus and the ban on 59 apps with dent their economy’ She said everyone should stand together and fight the war against China in a collective manner.

Amrita Rao who romanced Mahesh Babu in Athidi said “Trust the decision of banning some apps by the GOI, in the best interest of our country’s security, besides Social Media addiction and Mental health are known enemies .. Just a break from them may help detox and introspect!!”

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