Mahesh delights unlike NTR and Prabhas

The lockdown brought all industries to a standstill and the film industry is no different. All the shootings came to stand still and so too are the film releases. This deprived the fans to watch their heroes films in theatres and they got frustrated with no updates from the shooting spot.

Almost all the top stars fans started demanding their heroes to release first look, trailer, teaser, or the film title and entertain them. But the makers and stars faced the problem as all the work came to a halt due to lockdown.

This triggered angry reactions from fans of NTR and Prabhas who started accusing the filmmakers and even started trending ban the production houses. This is unlike Mahesh Babu’s fans who have been understanding and are content with their hero sharing the snaps of his family and kids playing and enjoying with them.

Mahesh Babu will be delighting his fans by celebrating his dad Krishna’s birthday on May 31. He will be interacting with his fans on social media and answer their questions. Buzz is Mahesh will also give updates about his upcoming entertainer under Parasuram’s direction. The film is touted to be titled as Sarkari Vaari Paata.