Lack of offers for Rasmika worrying her 


Rashmika is a star heroine that has made it to the top within a short period of time. Post the success of Bheeshma and Sarileru, she has become a hot property in Tollywood now and many are after her dates in the Telugu film industry.

But Rashmika has given bulk dates for Pushpa and this has not helped her at all. The film is yet to go on floors and looking at the situation it will take more than two months for the film to start. This has disappointed Rashmika bit.

She cannot sign new films as he dates are blocked here. Also, new producers are also not approaching as big films are not being made as of now. So, all this put Rashmika’s career in a bit of a dilemma as of now. She is sitting at home happily but is also under a bit of pressure