Kona Venkat Makes a U-Turn-Nishabdham’s OTT Release Confirm

Kona Venkat makes a U-Turn-Nishabdham’s OTT release confirm
Nishabdham is a film that has been completed and the post-production is on already but the release date has been changed multiple times. The film was supposed to come out on Feb 20th and then in April once again but now it has been postponed for the third time. 
The latest industry grapevine is that the film will be out in the second week of June on Amazon Prime. This has not gone with the producer Kona Venkat who said that there have been no such plans to release their film on the OTT platform.
Now, he has taken a U-turn and says “Lot of speculations r being made on the release of our film NISHABDHAM in the media. We would like to clarify that “Theatrical release is our top PRIORITY. If the situation isn’t favorable for a long time then our alternate would be to release on OTT platform”. Hope for the best”