Jagan’s boost to Tollywood-Gift to Balakrishna?

Ever since the separation of Andhra and Telangana in the most heart-wrenching manner, many expected Tollywood to shift to Visakhapatnam. Many rumours spread as most of the Tollywood top celebrities hail from Andhra Pradesh.

However nothing of these sorts happened despite TDP chief Chandra Babu became the first Chief Minister of divided Andhra Pradesh. People expected many sops from Chandra Babu as his brother in law Balakrishna happens to be from the film industry. To some extent Hudhud cyclone also affected the process. In between Tollywood celebrities often faced criticism that Andhra people donot go to their state though insulted in Telangana.

Years passed by and now with Jagan Mohan Reddy becoming the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he intensified the process of shifting Tollywood to Visakhapatnam. During the last few days Mnister Avanti Srinivas Rao and AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy are coming out with strategies to attract Tollywood celebrities interacting with Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

This is triggering rumours whether Tollywood will shift to Visakhapatnam. During Chandra Babu’s regime, AP Film Development Corporation announced that AVM Studio from Chennai and Balakrishna applied for permission for film studios and the government also responded favorably.

But everything changed after Chandra Babu lost. However, what Chandra Babu couldn’t do in five years rule, Jagan is planning to complete in just two years. With Chiranjeevi all set to meet AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and other celebrities, Jagan is concentrating on turing Visakhapatnam into a Tollywood hub by offering numerous concessions and attractive packages. Sources say Jagan would also give permissions to Balakrishna and others to build studios and also allocate lands to the celebrities which they have been demanding.

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