Is this how Rana proposed to Miheeka?

Hot Hunk Rana and Miheeka Bajaj’s love affair is becoming the most discussed topic in the country. Rana gave a shock to all by announcing that he expressed his love for Miheeka and she said YES.

Rana’s revelations broke the hearts of many of his diehard fans. Now Rana delighted his fans by revealing how he knew Miheeka and how he proposed to her.

Rana said ‘ Miheeka is Ashrita’s (Venkatesh Babai’s daughter) classmate and her good friend. I knew her for quite some time and their house is near to my house.”

Rana added “Miheeka cast a magic spell on me. I felt that her actions and talks are similar to me and I felt that she is my life. After that, I did not consume much time”

Rana continued ‘ I pondered for a day and then spoke with Miheeka and met her personally. When I proposed to her in one word, Miheeka was shocked to the core. Later she regained herself and gave consent to my proposal and she became happy”

Rana revealed that he is yet to get engaged to Miheeka and added that only Roka was performed. He said there is time for him and Miheeka to exchange rings.