Is she the reason behind Chiranjeevi’s marriage

Chiranjeevi birthday celebrations

Mega Star Chiranjeevi married star comedian Allu Ramalingaiah’s daughter Surekha and many interesting incidents came on how Chiranjeevi married Surekha.

Now yesteryear heroine Rajashri speaking to scribes revealed that she was responsible for Chiranjeevi’s marriage with Surekha. She said ‘ Right from my childhood, our family used to have good relations with Allu Ramalingaiah family. We used to also play with their children. During Attanu Diddina Kodalu shooting, Allu Ramalingaiah came to our house said a new guy came into the industry. He is handsome and he does dances and fights quite well. I am planning to get my daughter Surekha married to this person. What is your opinion”

She said ” I adviced Allu Ramalingaiah, since you are telling that he does dances and fights quite well,he has good future. You can get your daughter married without any second thoughts”