Is RGV Corona +ve or –ve?

Speculation is increasing whether maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is corona positive or corona negative. Couple of days back rumours spread that Ram Gopal Varma got corona positive. But even before one could confirm the news, Ram Gopal Varma shared the video of him doing workouts and claimed that he didnot have any corona.

He even shocked all by announcing his new film Dangerous and also released the first look and claimed that this is India’s first film on LGBT community. But inside talk is Ram Gopal Varma may deny that he is not having corona positive. However he got exposed when his lawyer while arguing for RGV at Nalgonda court, informed in the court that his client got corona positive.

It is known that RGV is coming with a film titled Murder and he was dragged to court by people who felt that RGV is hurting the sentiments of many family members with his film.

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