Gunshots fired, Life threat to Kangana

Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut’s life seems to be in danger for her daring comments against Bollywood celebrities and top politicians. Kangana who is known for her powerful comments on various issues has been extremely vocal after the suicide of Bollywood’s upcoming actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

She has been claiming that there is a murder angle and Sushant couldn’t have committed suicide. She said it was a cold-blooded murder. Fans of top celebrities started trolling on social media and Kangana as is her wont threatened them saying if they do not stop, she will expose the dark secrets, illegal affairs, underworld connections of their heroes.

Kangana even came with a stunning post saying ‘if I found hanging in my house, please know I did not commit suicide’. She then targeted CM’s son saying ‘Everyone knows but no one can take his name, Karan Johar’s best friend and world’s best CM’s best son, lovingly called baby penguin,’

In the midst of all this, it is coming out that gunshots have been fired near Kangana’s residence in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Kangana came with a statement saying “I was in my bedroom at about 11.30 pm. I heard a cracker-like sound at 11.30. At first, I thought it must be a cracker. And then another shot happened, and I got a little alarmed since that sounded like a gunshot. I called my security in charge immediately. And I asked him, what happened? He said it might be some children or something here. We will go around and see whether it was crackers or some other noise. Now, this person maybe has never heard a bullet sound, but I have. He thought it maybe has something to do with some mischief. So they went around, but there was nobody there. Now we were five people, and all these people here with me – they all felt it was a bullet noise.” She continued “And this one does not have a cracker kind of noise. So we called the cops. They said maybe somebody in the orchard was trying to shoot bats because of bats damage apples. So it could have been that kind of a shot. So we gave that the benefit of doubt,”

Kangana reiterated “I think it was definitely a bullet, very intently fired twice; two shots with a gap of about eight seconds between them. And it was right opposite my room. So it seems like someone was behind the boundary walls, there are a jungle and a water body there,”

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