Does Mega Family do not require masks


Does Mega Family do not require masksDuring the deadly virus pandemic, everyone should be extremely careful. The way not only common people but also celebrities getting affected with corona virus, danger bells are ringing everywhere. However few commoners and celebrities are behaving as if nothing will happen to them, they are strong and immune and corona will not tough them.

It is known that recently Mega Brother Naga Babu performed his daughter Niharika’s engagement in a grand manner with Chaitanya. The family members of both Niharika and Chaitanya attended the function held in a renowned hotel in Hyderabad. The snaps are out and while everyone is getting excited with the snaps and talking about the cute and lovely couple, what is shocking is none of those who attended the function wore masks and also practised social distancing.

Mega family members be it Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Varun Tej, Sai Tej and others did not wear masks and same is the case with the chaitanya’s family members. People are finding fault with the celebrities for flouting the norms and safety measures. More than 18 people posed for the group photos much to the shock of all shirking way the social responsibility. It is known that Chiranjeevi has been in the forefornt of promoting wearing of masks on social media.

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