Did Ram Gopal Varma send vulgar messages

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his maverick ways. He hogs the media limelight with his controversial comments and posts on social media.

Ram Gopal Varma is currently getting ready to come with his hot web film Criminal starring Mila Malkova. In the meantime, Colors Swathi who starred in Katha Screenplay Direction under Ram Gopal Varma’s direction made shocking revelations.

She said her friends questioned her whether Ram Gopal Varma is mad of girls and whether he ate her. Swati said she got shocked when they asked whether Ram Gopal Varma sent vulgar messages to her. She said she had a good experience while shooting under Ram Gopal Varma’s direction. She revealed that Ram Gopal Varma in fact praised her saying she reminded her of talented actress Revati. 

Colors Swathi scored hits like Ashta Chamma, Swamy Ra Ra, and Karthikeya and made a name for herself starring in other languages like Tamil and Malayalam. Swathi is not seen on screen after she got married.