Controversy over YSR-CBN emotional thriller

Tollywood filmmakers came with films on former CMs YSR and Chandra Babu Naidu respectively but now the makers are planning a film on YSR-CBN emotional bonding. Filmmaker Raj is planning to showcase the emotional bonding and camradiere between YSR and Chandra Babu Naidu in his film. It is known that both YSR and Chandra Babu used to be in the Congress and share good bonding before they turned foes after Chandra Babu decided to join TDP.

Thirumal Rddy and Vishnu Induri are producing the film. The film also showcases the differences in Chandra Babu’s developmental vision and YSR’s welfare. Plans are on to turn the film into two parts. In the meantime the film landed in controversy with Deva Katta claiming that it was his original idea and he discussed it with Vishnu when they met in December 2015.

He said Vishnu during that time met him to share his plans of remaking Bollywood film Rajneeti. He said at that time they planned to make Mahabharata as the entire Rajneeti plot was taken from Mahabharata. He said after that he suggested that they make either NTR biopic or another film showcasing the friendship between YSR and CBN.

He said Vishnu asked him to direct NTR biopic but it didnot materialise as he was busy with Prasthanam. He said in 2017 he registered six different versions of script on YSR and Chandra Babu relationship. He accused Vishnu of stealing his idea of NTR biopic and now YSR-CBN friendship. Vishnu however says both the ideas belong to him. He said during his meeting with Deva Katta, he narrated 30 scenes for NTR biopic,while Deva didnot narrate a single scene.

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