Chiru’ secret call to Balayya

Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s meeting in his house with industry celebrities and his subsequent visit to meet CM KCR triggered a huge controversy with Natasimha Balakrishna making sensational and shocking allegations accusing them of indulging in real estate mafia. Balakrishna also questioned Chiranjeevi over the 5 crs he raised in an event organized in the USA.

Chiranjeevi did not react to Balakrishna’s shocking allegations. In the meantime, it is coming out that Chiranjeevi made a secret call to Balakrishna. He told Balakrishna ‘ If needed all of us should go together to solve the problems and at that time you should definitely come”.

After hearing Chiranjeevi’s words, Balakrishna cooled down and said ‘ Yes. We will altogether go and solve the problems”. Thus Chiru solved the simmering heat with Balakrishna with just a personal phone call.

While this is one version, some say Chiranjeevi was deeply hurt that many are making false allegations when he is trying to solve industry problems.

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