Chiru or Pawan-Who’s behind Niharika’s wedding

Mega Brother Naga Babu’s daughter Niharika’s engagement with Jonnalagadda Chaitanya is becoming the most talked-about subject. Chaitanya is the son of Guntur IG Prabhakar Rao.

Sometime back rumors spread that Mega Star Chiranjeevi planned to get his brother Naga Babu married to Prabhakar Rao’s sister and since it did not happen, he now fixed the alliance of Niharika with Chaitanya, son of Prabhakar Rao.

It is known that Chiranjeevi takes all key decisions in the mega family. But Pawan Kalyan took the initiative regarding Niharika’s marriage. Inside talk is Pawan found out more about Chaitanya than others.

Since Prabhakar Rao happens to be a close friend of Mega Family, Naga Babu also thought in a positive manner. Then he discussed the alliance with Chiranjeevi and came to a decision last year itself. They planned to perform the marriage during summer.

What is going viral is, Niharika and Chaitanya were in love since 2017 and since both the families have good relations, Chiranjeevi gave a green signal for their marriage.

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