Chiranjeevi suffers a tragic loss

Chiranjeevi is known for his generous acts and helping nature. Even after attaining stardom he never forgot his roots and maintained good relations with all his close friends and childhood buddies. Chiranjeevi got a huge shock when he came to know that one of his best friends and his family members passed away at a road accident in a tragic manner.

Chiranjeevi’s close friend Satyanandam Mylabattula along with his son Joseph was traveling in a car from Vijayawada to Hyderabad to get his wife Vijayakumari treated for severe illness. But when they were passing through Suryapet, their car met with an accident and all of them lost their lives. Chiranjeevi who heard the news got extremely crestfallen and downcast.

Chiranjeevi and Satyanandam completed a degree in YS. Degree College, Narapuram. While Satyanandam joined as a lecturer in Rajamundry Degree College, Chiranjeevi went on to become a megastar. Mylabattula Satyanandam was from Agartipalem, Palakole Mandal, West Godavari district, and one of Chiranjeevi’s close friends.

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