Can RGV’s Climax completely erase the thin red line

Mia Malkova RGV Climax

Ram Gopal Varma is popular for his controversial posts and comments on social media. Gone are the days when Ram Gopal Varma is known for his technically brilliant films. He is coming with mediocre B grade films and is trying to make money by stuffing the films with adult scenes, obscene dialogues, and bring viewers to the theatres playing on the sensitivities of the youngsters.

He is coming with his upcoming entertainer CLIMAX. Ram Gopal Varma decided to team with adult star Mia Malkova to come with this short film. Ram Gopal Varma and Mia Malkova earlier came with adult film GST (GOD S3X TRUTH). Despite the criticism, Ram Gopal Varma went ahead and released the film on social media.

Ram Gopal Varma while releasing the CLIMAX teaser said he teamed with Mia to steal the hearts of all thanks to the lockdown due to coronavirus. He promised to release the trailer on May 18.

Ram Gopal Varma is keen to erase the thin red line between normal and adult films with his experiments. But the question is will he be successful.