Can Nagarjuna succeed where Allu Arjun failed

All eyes are on Nagarjuna and people are speculating  whether Nagarjuna can succeed where Allu Arjun failed. It is known that Nagarjuna who is currently starring in Wild Dog as a undercover cop is set to star in the direction of Praveen Sattaru.

Inside talk is Praveen Sattaru penned a story and Nagarjuna would be seen as a Chief Security Officer. Sources say the film will deal with anger management. As Nagarjuna fails to control his anger, his higher officials take action against him. Everything boils down to how Nagarjuna deals with the anger management.

It is known that Allu Arjun in his film Naa Peru Surya starred in the similar role. However the film failed at the box office.  The question is can Nagarjuna succeed where Allu Arjun failed. Nagarjuna earlier in Rakshakudu, starred in the similar role and romanced Sushmita Sen. The film turned out to be an average grosser.

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