Balayya chops of star comedian’s role from BB3

Sunil is trying hard to bag roles but that is not happening at all. Once upon a time, he was the busiest comedian and hero but things have changed in a big way now. He has limited offers and is making the most of it these days.

Sunil was supposed to do a crucial role in Balayya’s fil+

m with Boyapati but at the last minute his role has been chapped and that has been done by Balakrishna himself who felt that the comedy angle in the film is diluting the subject in a big way.

So, Balayya in a meeting with Boyapato has trimmed unnecessary scenes of the film during this lockdown. The talk is that Balayya wants the film to be under 2 hours 15 minutes and not with many songs as well. The film’s shoot will start soon is the talk.