Balakrishna knows only those two

Balakrishna is not only known for his powerful high octane mass entertainers on silver screen but also for his violent behavior in real life. Many times he was seen either slapping his assistants or those who stand near by or his fans.

balakrishna temper
balakrishna temper

This gave him the image that he is highly temperamental and people get scared to on near by. However character actor Raja Ravindra speaking to scribes rubbished all those aspersions.

He said ‘ Balakrishna knows only two things. Patience and anger. He shows lot of patience and only if things goes out of his hands he will show his anger and people generally highlight his anger to tarnish his image.’

He continued saying ‘ Balakrishna donot even entertain others to say bad words about those who are not in his presence. He will not entertain them after the first meeting. However,if he likes a person, he goes any extent to help him or her”

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