Allu Arjun’s decision causing disturbance to many

Pushpa is a film that Sukumar is making on a whopping budget. The film requires a lot of teamwork and big units as it is set in the forest backdrops. The makers are planning to shoot the film within sets in the days to come.

But the latest we hear is that Allu Arjun is in no mood to start shooting until September as he is quite paranoid that other team members can get affected by this deadly disease. So, he has told a clear no to Sukumar for the shoot.

Sukumar is a bit disappointed with this as he wanted to start the shoot ASAP. But with the hero thinking like this, the plans have gone for a big toss. Even Rashmika’s dates have been locked and she too cannot sign films in the days to come which is bad news for everyone concerned with the film.

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