Tidbits: Nani Impressed with ‘Falaknuma Das’ Hero

Nowadays Tollywood heroes are plunging into production at early stages of career. They are taking the risk out of love for the cinema and later enjoying the profits too.

Nani is one such hero. He co-produced the movie D for Dopidi a few years back and in 2017 he launched his own production house Wall Poster cinema and produced ‘AWE’ movie. The movie received a mixed response and was acclaimed by critics. Currently, Nani seems impressed with ‘Falakunuma Das’ hero Vishwak Sen. Nani attended ‘Falaknuma Das’ pre-release event and then and there he announced he would make a film with the hero in his production house.

Currently, Nani is working for films like Gang Leader and V and one can expect Nani may launch his movie once he completes these two movies.