The Rose Villa Mini-Review

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Deekshith Shetty, Swetha Varma, Raja Ravindra, Vennela Ramarao, TNR, Archana Kumar and others
Director: Hemanth
Music: Suresh Bobbili
Cinematography: Garudavega Anji
Editing: Shiva
Producer: Achut Rama Rao P
Banner: Chitra Mandir Studios
Release: October 1st,2021

Deekshith Shetty, Shwetha Varma’s The Rose Villa hit the screens in Telugu and Kannada. Here is the film’s mini-review.

Doctor Ravi (Dheekshith Shetty) and his wife Shwetha (Shwetha Varma), loses their way and land in The Rose Villa owned by elderly couple Solomon (Raja Ravindra) and Helen (Archana Kumar). Their pleasant stay quickly turns into a nightmare. To find out more about it, watch The Rose Villa on screen.

Hemanth’s story is simple and the twist is also ordinary. He drew inspiration from Hollywood films of the 80s. The narration is smooth and the dialogues are good but the screenplay and direction are just average. He should have included a few more twists and turns. BGM of Suresh Bobbili is good. Garudavega Anji’s cinematography is fine. Shiva’s editing could have been better. Dheeksith Shetty, Raja Ravindra, Vennela Ramarao performed well. Others like Archana Kumar, Shwetha Varma did well.