The Feud Between The Manchu Brothers

There is a publicized conflict between Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj, with the cause not entirely clear. Manoj claimed on Facebook that Vishnu had physically assaulted family members and relatives after breaking into houses. A video has surfaced of Vishnu attacking someone, apparently stemming from Manoj’s recent marriage.

The rivalry between the two brothers has been ongoing for years, causing trouble for their father, Manchu Mohan Babu. Manoj has been living separately for some time, while Vishnu manages the family’s assets.

The recent incident involving Vishnu attacking a relative of Mohan Babu has caused media attention and distress for the family. Mohan Babu has reportedly reprimanded his sons for taking the issue to social media. The incident has resulted in Sarathi, the victim, being hospitalized and preparing to file a police complaint against Vishnu. The film industry is also discussing the family feud of their MAA President.