Teja Sajja Injured On The Sets Of Hanu-Man

Today marks the release of the third single, “Avakaya Anjaneya,” from director Prasanth Varma’s original superhero film, “Hanu-Man,” starring Teja Sajja. While shooting this song, Varma shared touching moments from the production. Despite the film’s action-packed nature, Teja Sajja faced multiple injuries and setbacks while filming fight sequences. Varma dedicated 2.5 years to the creation of this song, investing time at various stages of its development.

During the filming of “Avakaya Anjaneya,” Teja sustained a C4 spinal cord injury while performing stunts, showcasing his dedication to the role. Each song in the film transcends traditional choreography, weaving narratives through dance, as seen in the deeper meanings embedded in the lyrical video of “Avakaya Anjaneya,” portraying the admiration and respect for Teja Sajja’s hard work.

Regarding the film’s release coinciding with Superstar Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Kaaram” on January 12th, Teja responded graciously, acknowledging Mahesh Babu’s massive stardom. He attributed their journey’s success to the divine support of Lord Hanuman and expressed confidence in the continued guidance and unwavering support of the audience.

Teja emphasized that the trailer will captivate viewers and encouraged everyone to cherish each film’s unique essence in theaters, focusing on enjoying the cinematic experience rather than fixating on competition. His positive outlook underscores a belief in the individual charm and success that each movie brings to its audience.