Tammareddy Responds To Nagababu’s Harsh Comments

Tammareddy Bharadwaja, a producer and director, strongly criticized Mega Brother Nagababu’s. Tweet where he called him “Neyamma Mogudu kattaadaraa 80 kotlu” in reference to RRR’s Oscar win. Tammareddy felt that if anyone had any issues with his statements, they could have questioned and criticized him in a respectful manner.

Although director Raghavendra Rao questioned Tammareddy in a civil manner, Nagababu’s tweet was highly objectionable and lacked culture. Tammareddy, who is 75 years old, felt that addressing an elderly person with “raa” at the end was disrespectful.

Tammareddy responded sternly to Nagababu’s tweet in his own words.

“At first, I did not do anything wrong. We talked about many things in the three-hour seminar. Two days before this issue, I said that RRR is a pride of India. Hats off to Rajamouli. I don’t know who saw it. You addressed me derogatorily as ‘neeyamma mogudu.’ My mother’s husband taught me manners, culture, righteousness, and truthfulness. Did your father teach you the same? Can you tell the truth?

Civility prevents me from saying more. I can also utter many vulgar words, but I won’t. What are you talking about? What did I say? I spoke very highly about RRR and Rajamouli. Someone cut a bit from it and made it viral. Not knowing what I spoke before and after, you tweeted some nonsense and exposed your worst culture. Your derogatory words do not affect me. Shame on you for cursing. I did nothing wrong. If I speak out, there will be many more. Until now, I thought we were all united. I still feel that way. If you have no shame, I cannot be shameless. I have dignity, honor, and respect”.

Tammareddy also asked Nagababu- “Do you have time for a small film? You live by being a sycophant to someone throughout your life. You have no standard to curse me.”

Tammareddy was visibly furious and responded by questioning whether Nagababu’s Amma Mogudu (Nagababu’s father) had taught him any culture, ethics, or manners. He replied to Nagababu with the same level of intensity. The video of Tammareddy’s reaction is currently circulating on social media and gaining traction.