Struggling Hero Gets Hurt by Trolls

With the advent of social media, trolls have become quite famous. Some actors spend lots of money on memes just to create buzz about their movies. Despite trolling them, most celebrities do not bother about them and ignore them. Manchu Vishnu, Laxmi, and Mohan Babu never bothered about the trolls on them and take them in a sportive way.

However, a young hero who is still struggling to make his mark in Tollywood seems to have gotten hurt by the trolls. Recently, a troller posted an edited video of Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja from the Waltair Veerayya event on social media. In the video, Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja can be seen discussing how they are doing one movie after the other without any gap.

The troller edited the video with the faces of Kiran Abbavaram and Aadi Sai Kumar. If you guys remember, both heroes delivered the maximum number of films last year. So this video looks apt for both Abbavaram and Aadi Saikumar who have been releasing movies continuously irrespective of the results.

It looks like the video came to the notice of Kiran Abbavaram, and he replied, quoting the video, “Brother, in my 3 years of a film career, only 5 films released. If you guys know of any other films which released without my knowledge, please let me know.”

People on social media are suggesting Kiran Abbavaram ignore such trolls and concentrate on his movie career.